The screenshots above are from the actual website and not design prototypes

“We’re super-pleased with the work you have done on OWAY: great job, and the end-client is very happy :-)”

Fredrik Andresen, Project Manager & Creative Lead, Minnastreet.no


Industry: Retail – Cosmetics / Skincare / Beauty (Norway)
Year of Production: 2013

Rolland Norge have an ethic, organic approach to their OWAY product range: “We are among the first companies in the world to use biodynamic extracts in our products. We do this because we believe that the use of ingredients that are natural, healthy, rich in active ingredients and free of chemical treatments increase our quality of life.”

I was commissioned by Minnastreet (an agency based in Norway) to oversee the production of the website, involving creative / art direction, user-interface and graphic design alongside project managment of the page coding and content mangement system integration / database development, which was outsourced.

I was provided only basic brand and project materials (logo and product images), with these then forming the basis of the art direction moving forwards when creating the required graphic and user-interface elements.

Please note that due to a further brand revamp based on an external art direction, I am displaying the original work, now hosted on my web server.